Trustpilot’s Groundbreaking Journey to Building an Authentic Employer Brand

In an exclusive interview with Nicky Wright, MD of Diversity Jobs Group, Marcelle Foxcroft, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Trustpilot, shares the inspiring story behind the company’s nomination as a finalist for the Best Employer Brand at the IHR Awards.

Trustpilot, a global business with a presence in the UK, US, Europe, and Australia, has never ventured into the realm of employer branding until recently. Facing budget constraints, they took on the challenge by appointing Ellie Bonham to the role of Global People Excellence and Employer Brand, leveraging her prior recruitment experience.

Under Ellie’s leadership, Trustpilot unveiled its inaugural Employer Brand campaign, titled ‘At the heart of TrUSt,’ within an impressive six-month timeframe. The campaign reflects Trustpilot’s overarching mission to be a universal symbol of trust, a value deeply embedded in the company’s DNA.

The journey of crafting this unique Employer Brand involved extensive research into social groups, surveys, and focus groups. Ellie spearheaded the creation of comprehensive campaigns, a dedicated website, a heroes video, candidate preparation packs, playbooks, pitchbooks, social guides, and training programs for hiring managers. The result was a 99% satisfaction rate, affirming the success of an inspirational and authentic employer brand.

What sets Trustpilot apart is the passion and dedication of everyone in the company to authentically narrate Trustpilot’s story. The company places immense trust in its people to achieve extraordinary things, allowing employees’ wings to remain ‘unclipped.’

Within the Talent Acquisition candidate journey, Marcelle Foxcroft and AJ Frances, Global Head of DEI, collaborate closely to foster an inclusive environment where employees feel they don’t need to fit in, but rather belong. Where you can bring your whole awesome self to work, every day. Employees are affectionately referred to as ‘Trusties,’ with their real-life stories celebrated for the diversity they bring to Trustpilot.

A significant milestone in Talent Acquisition at Trustpilot is the recent launch of an 8-stage inclusive recruitment action plan. This comprehensive plan spans the entire candidate journey, aiming not only to recruit individuals but also to onboard great people in an inclusive way. Trustpilot’s goal is to create an environment where individuals join the company and immediately feel a sense of belonging.

As the IHR Awards approached, Trustpilot stands as a testament to the transformative power of a well-crafted and authentic Employer Brand. The company’s commitment to trust, diversity, and inclusion has not only earned them a spot as a finalist but has also positioned them as a trailblazer in the global business landscape.