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What is the
Diversity Employment Pledge?

The Diversity Employment Pledge is awarded to organisations whose employees confirm they are truly diverse and inclusive by meeting three key criteria. It is therefore not a box ticking exercise, or easy to achieve. In fact organisations can expect to go on a long journey to accreditation, and some might never be successful.

To achieve the Diversity Employment Pledge Award we will provide you with a link to a survey asking your employees three straightforward questions. They need to simply answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

1. We have an inclusive and accessible recruitment process, including any adjustments required to support people from diverse community groups.

2. We promote inclusive and accessible opportunity adverts across specialist diverse media and outreach channels and organisations to diverse community groups as standard.

3. We treat everyone fairly and equitably across the organisation, including providing any additional support and adjustments needed for everyone to thrive.

To find out more download the full Diversity Employment Pledge guide pack below. To enquire about how to obtain the Pre-Pledge Award to start your journey, email