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Join the movement towards a more inclusive workforce!

Diversity Jobs Group is a suite of 10 job boards dedicated to promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in hiring practices. We collaborate with companies that prioritise Diversity and Inclusion, connecting candidates with the right skill set find the right employers, regardless of their background.
As a trusted jobs board platform, we understand the importance of creating inclusive workplaces that reflect the diversity of our society. By advertising your job opportunities with Diversity Jobs Group, you attract a vast pool of diverse talent with unique skills and perspectives.

What makes us different to other job boards?

We strive to attract a substantially higher concentration of diverse job seekers than generalist job boards because it allows potential candidates to address their primary concern – competing for jobs where they believe they have a fair chance of being hired and accepted regardless of their sexual orientation, age, religion, race, disability and gender.

We only work directly with employers and all applications are taken directly from our job boards straight to the employer’s careers sites. You will not find any job aggregators or recruitment agencies meaning every click to apply is straight to an employer. We are fully compatible with ALL Applicant Tracking Systems, CRM & Multi Posters and unlike many job boards, we believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to your talent attraction strategy so we offer pricing solutions to the size of your business, not on the number of credits you use.

We have on average 20,000 visits to the board per week and around 80,000 per month. Advertising with Diversity Jobs Group enables organisations to attract a wider pool of candidates from diverse backgrounds. By actively seeking out individuals from underrepresented groups, companies can foster a more inclusive and diverse workforce. This not only promotes equal opportunities but also brings fresh perspectives, experiences and ideas to the table – setting us aside from a generalist job board.


Any questions?

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