Diversity Jobs Group Shines Spotlight on Hollywood Bowl’s Outstanding Employer Brand 

By Nicky Wright, MD of Diversity Jobs Group 

In an insightful interview, I had the privilege of speaking with Becky Aulton, Recruitment Manager at Hollywood Bowl Group, a finalist in the Best Employer Brand category at the IHR Awards, sponsored by Diversity Jobs Group. Becky shared insights into the key elements that make Hollywood Bowl’s employer brand stand out and the steps they’ve taken to foster diversity and inclusivity in their workplace. 

A Glimpse into Hollywood Bowl’s Culture 
Becky began our conversation expressing her love for her job at Hollywood Bowl Group, highlighting the company’s culture as supportive and flexible. According to her, the employees at Hollywood Bowl Group are genuinely happy, a testament to the organisation’s investment in both its people and their careers. Notably, Hollywood Bowl has an impressive track record, with 45% of management placements being internal, showcasing their commitment to nurturing talent from within. 

With 71 centre’s in the UK and 12 in Canada, Hollywood Bowl Group is on a growth trajectory, opening 2-5 new sites each year, providing exciting opportunities for career development. 

Key Elements of Hollywood Bowl’s Employer Brand 
Becky emphasised that people are at the core of Hollywood Bowl’s Employer Brand project. Rather than focusing on isolated aspects, they adopt a holistic approach, encompassing four pillars of Employee Value Proposition (EVP), a revamped career site, and a robust social marketing strategy. The alignment of their internal and external branding within their ED&I strategy ensures authenticity, showcasing the vibrant culture and the dedicated individuals who contribute to Hollywood Bowl’s success. 

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace 
Hollywood Bowl has taken significant strides in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Becky shared insights into their ‘Dynamic Operations,’ listening groups conducted by Leadership Teams, collecting vital data crucial to their Employer Brand journey. The establishment of five ED&I groups focused on Age, Female, LGBTQ+, Heritage & Ethnicity, and Disability, demonstrates their commitment to fostering inclusivity, with champions appointed for each focus group. Becky herself serves as the Female focus group champion, emphasising the key role employees play in Hollywood Bowl’s success. 

Evolving and Improving for the Future 
Looking ahead, Hollywood Bowl Group remains committed to the evolution of its employer brand. The year-long process to build their brand underscores their dedication to staying current and relevant. Becky highlighted their consistent efforts in updating content, news, and stories from employees to maintain authenticity and candidate consistency. The addition of an Engagement Business Partner further demonstrates Hollywood Bowl’s commitment to employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Advice for Organisations 
Becky offered valuable advice for organisations aspiring to build compelling employer brands. She emphasised the importance of authenticity, cautioning against changing or inventing employer brands solely based on trends. Instead, organisations should invest consistently in their employer brand, ensuring a deep connection with employees to reflect honesty and integrity. At Hollywood Bowl Group, the people and the team remain at the core of their employer brand project, setting an inspiring example for others in the industry.