N Family Club: A Finalist for the “Employer Brand” Award at the IHR Awards

N Family Club: A Beacon of Inclusivity and Excellence in Employer Branding 

In the ever-evolving landscape of employer branding, N Family Club has emerged as a frontrunner, exemplifying a commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Nicky Wright, the Managing Director of Diversity Jobs Group and a category sponsor for the Best Employer Brand, recently conducted an insightful interview with Claudia, the Senior Talent Partner at N Family Club, shedding light on the key elements that have elevated the organisation to the status of a finalist. 

Four Pillars of Strength 
Claudia outlined the four pillars that constitute the foundation of N Family Club’s exceptional employer brand: 

Industry-Leading Pay and Benefits: N Family Club sets a benchmark with competitive pay and benefits, recognising the importance of rewarding employees for their dedication and contribution. 

Career Progression and Development Opportunities: The organisation places a strong emphasis on fostering the professional growth of its team members, providing ample opportunities for career advancement. 

Flexible and Inclusive Workforce: N Family Club prides itself on maintaining a workforce that is not only diverse but also flexible. The organisation actively recruits individuals of all ages and backgrounds, fostering an environment that values different perspectives. 

Vibrant High-Performance Inclusive Culture: N Family Club’s culture is marked by vibrancy, high performance and inclusivity. The commitment to creating a workplace where every team member feels valued contributes significantly to the overall appeal of the brand. 

The tagline, “For dreams of all sizes,” encapsulates the organisation’s dedication to creating an exceptional workplace that goes beyond conventional employment standards. 

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives 
Claudia revealed that N Family Club has taken significant steps to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. By investing in recruiting a flexible and inclusive workforce, N Family Club ensures that all diversity groups are equally valued. 

The Path Forward and Words of Wisdom 
When asked about future plans for evolving their employer brand, Claudia emphasised that N Family Club is a progressive business committed to staying ahead of industry trends. Regular assessments of team expectations and feedback through surveys play a crucial role in shaping the brand to align with the needs and preferences of the workforce. Additionally, Claudia emphasised the invaluable contribution of N Reps, the dedicated voices of the N team and champions of the N Family Club’s culture, in this ongoing process. By actively involving N Reps in the feedback loop, N Family Club ensures a comprehensive and holistic approach to refining and aligning the employer brand with the dynamic requirements of its diverse workforce. 

Claudia’s advice to other organisations aspiring to build a compelling employer brand is rooted in authenticity. Understanding the unique values and mission of the organisation, involving employees in the process, and maintaining open lines of communication internally and externally are key. By staying true to core values, remaining adaptable and incorporating employee feedback, N Family Club exemplifies a model for success in employer branding. 

As N Family Club continues to expand, with plans to open 12 more nurseries in 2024, its commitment to inclusivity and excellence sets a high standard for others to follow. In the competitive talent market, N Family Club stands out not just as a provider of childcare services but as a beacon of progressive employer branding in action.