Essex County Council: A Finalist for the “Employer Brand” Award at the IHR Awards

Interview with Nicky Wright, MD of Diversity Jobs Group

In anticipation of the upcoming IHR Awards on November 29th, Essex County Council has emerged as a notable finalist in the envied “Employer Brand” category. This recognition, sponsored by Diversity Jobs Group, shines a spotlight on organisations that have excelled in crafting an authentic, inclusive and compelling employer brand. Nicky Wright, Managing Director of Diversity Jobs Group, had the opportunity to delve into the key elements that have propelled Essex County Council into contention in an exclusive interview with two integral members of the Council: Grace Shaughnessy, Senior Strategic Resourcing Partner and Tom Eley, Talent Attraction Specialist.

Authenticity in Action: The Essence of Essex County Council’s Employer Brand
Essex County Council, boasting a workforce of over 7,500 employees, has strategically positioned itself as a leader in promoting authenticity in its employer brand. According to Grace Shaughnessy, the Senior Strategic Resourcing Partner, the council places a significant emphasis on utilising real images and words from their diverse range of employees. This approach ensures that their employer brand “speaks true” and remains authentic, fostering positive diversity within the workforce. By showcasing real individuals and their stories, Essex County Council is not only reflecting its values but also actively engaging in a journey of evolution as an organisation.

The employer brand is rooted in forward-thinking initiatives, with a particular focus on equality and diversity campaigns spearheaded by the resourcing team. Tom Eley, Talent Attraction Specialist, highlights how these campaigns are instrumental in communicating the organisation’s values and commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: A Pillar of Strength for Essex County Council
Essex County Council has taken concrete steps to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. The Adult Social Care department, led by Phil Chiza, Team Manager of ASC Race Quest, has been at the forefront of this effort. The team underwent a 6-week workshop as part of the QUEST initiative, aimed at improving racial diversity in the workplace. The outcomes of this pilot program have provided valuable recommendations and actionable insights for fostering diversity within the organisation.

Faizal Hakim, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead and strategy at Essex County Council, is instrumental in driving change. With the recent launch of a new equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, the council is committed to giving all employees a voice and maximising their chances for success.

In a collaborative effort to extend their reach, Essex County Council strategically advertises job opportunities through Diversity Jobs Group, emphasising the importance of partnerships in promoting diversity and inclusion. As a valued client of Diversity Jobs Group, Essex County Council consistently advertises all of its vacancies across the 10 inclusive Job Boards within Diversity Jobs Group.

View all current job vacancies at Essex County Council here:

Charting the Path Forward: Future Plans for Essex County Council’s Employer Brand
Looking ahead, Essex County Council has ambitious plans for the continued evolution and improvement of their employer brand. They have compiled a library of imagery and content featuring real employees, which is leveraged across social media platforms, podcasts, articles and stories. This proactive approach enables the council to maintain control of its brand in-house, ensuring authenticity remains at the forefront.

When asked about advice for other organisations seeking to build compelling employer brands, Essex County Council emphasised the importance of authenticity, real stories and proactive diversity initiatives. Their key message: take control of your brand, engage with real people and let your organisation’s values shine through.

As the IHR Awards approach, Essex County Council stands as a testament to the transformative power of an authentic and inclusive employer brand. Their commitment to diversity, innovation and partnership with Diversity Jobs Group positions them as a formidable contender for the “Employer Brand” award, with the potential to inspire organisations across industries.