IHR Award Finalist Airbus Interview: Employer Brand Award

Airbus: Navigating Excellence in Employer Branding – IHR Award Category Finalist 


In an exclusive interview with Nicky Wright, Managing Director of Diversity Jobs Group, Mark Crompton, Global Head of Employment Marketing & Employer Brand at Airbus, provided insights into the key elements that have earned the aerospace giant a coveted spot as a finalist in the competitive employer branding category at the IHR Awards. The interview shed light on the impactful initiatives that define Airbus’s unique employer brand and contribute to its distinction in the highly contested arena of diversity and inclusion. 

A Dynamic Career Journey: 
Mark Crompton, with an illustrious 17-year career at Airbus, has moved through various functions within the company. From his beginnings as an Airbus Degree Apprentice, Crompton’s professional journey has spanned roles in the shop floor, tool manufacturing, tool design, project management, communications, marketing and now, in the critical realm of employer branding. 

Equitable STEM Education: 
A cornerstone of Airbus’s employer brand lies in its commitment to making STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education accessible and equitable to all, especially those from underrepresented groups. The interview highlighted Airbus’s collaboration with ‘We Build it Better,’ a program aimed at providing students with a foundation in product development and empowering them to address real-world industry challenges. By visiting schools nationwide, this initiative aims to inspire and educate students about the numerous opportunities in engineering, manufacturing and computer science at Airbus. 

Sustainable Initiatives: 
Airbus’s commitment to sustainability extends to its collaborations with ‘Bottletop’ and the existing ‘TOGETHERBAND’, part of the profits from the ‘TOGETHERBAND’ goes to Space for a Better World, a charitable organization that inspires people from all ages and walks of life about the ways that space technology can help save our planet. Motivating the next generation to think about a career in space. More info for overview, https://wwwspaceforabetterworld.com. Together, they have launched the ‘Discover the Cosmos’ campaign, introducing a wristband made from recycled satellite components. This innovative product not only aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (9) of Industry Innovation & Infrastructure but also serves as a toolkit for space education. All proceeds from the sales contribute to Airbus’s education fund for STEM, providing financial support to students who might otherwise lack the means to pursue education in these fields. 

Competitive Differentiation: 
In the fiercely competitive job market, Airbus stands out by offering more than just a job; they provide an environment that fosters growth and inclusivity. With a workforce of over 134,000 individuals in 140 nations, speaking 20 different languages, Airbus emphasises inclusion and equity at the core of its employer brand. The company attracts talent from diverse sectors by offering flexible work environments, an international footprint, internal mobility, relocation packages, development opportunities and training. 

IHR Awards and Diversity Jobs Group: 
The reason for this enlightening interview lies in Airbus’s distinction as a finalist in the employer branding category at the IHR (In-house Recruitment) Awards. Sponsored by Diversity Jobs Group, these awards celebrate and recognise organisations that demonstrate excellence for In-house Recruitment, including employer branding. The collaboration with Diversity Jobs Group reflects Airbus’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, aligning with the ethos of the IHR Awards. 

Words of Wisdom for Other Organisations: 
When asked for advice to organisations aspiring to build a compelling employer brand,  Mark emphasized the significance of partnerships with like-minded companies sharing a common vision. Airbus’s success in the award nomination is attributed to their commitment to making education equitable, starting at the grassroots level. By inspiring students in STEM industries and ensuring accessibility to careers in these sectors, Airbus not only differentiates itself but also contributes to the broader goals of education and inclusivity. 

Airbus’s journey in building a compelling employer brand is a testament to its dedication to equitable education, sustainability and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. As organisations worldwide seek to compete for similar accolades, the Airbus model provides a roadmap that goes beyond conventional practices, emphasizing collaboration, sustainability and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on education and the workforce of the future. The recognition as a finalist at the IHR Awards, with the support of Diversity Jobs Group, underscores Airbus’s position as a leader in progressive employer branding practices.