IHR Award Finalist West Northamptonshire Council Interview: Employer Brand Award

Diversity Jobs Group Celebrates West Northamptonshire Council‘s Success as IHR Award Finalist for the Employer Brand Category

Nicky Wright, Managing Director at Diversity Jobs Group, recently conducted an insightful interview with West Northamptonshire Council, celebrating their recognition as finalists in the IHR Awards for the Employer Brand category. The council, formed in 2021 as a unified authority covering Northampton, Daventry, and South Northamptonshire, has stood out for its commitment to values, culture, and building an authentic employer brand.

In the interview with Alex Jeyes, Resourcing Manager, and Alison Golding, Assistant Director of Workforce & Transformation in Human Resources, key elements contributing to the nomination were discussed.

A cornerstone of West Northamptonshire Council’s employer brand strategy was the comprehensive workforce engagement initiative. Nine immersion sessions were conducted across the local authority, involving employees at all levels and diverse roles. The feedback received played a crucial role in the creation of their core values, summarised by the acronym THRIVE:

Trust: Honesty, fairness, transparency, and accountability.

High Performance: Excellence in all endeavors and efficient business management.

Respect: Fostering diversity in a professional and supportive environment.

Innovate: Encouraging creativity and seizing growth opportunities.

Value: Striving for best practices and continuous improvement.

Empower: Believing in people, listening, learning, and trusting them to make decisions.

Their commitment to diversity and inclusion goes beyond mere words, with tangible initiatives such as flexible working, a range of benefits, and a focus on well-being. Noteworthy is the provision of a ‘wellbeing rooms’ for various purposes and the visibility of job vacancies on platforms like Diversity Jobs Group, reflecting the council’s dedication to inclusivity.

Alison and Alex shared with Nicky that the authenticity of an employer brand is paramount. During the interview, the council highlighted the importance of staying true to the organisation’s culture and values, plus the significance of showcasing the workplace authentically through visuals and quotes from real employees.

Looking ahead, West Northamptonshire Council plans to continually evolve its employer brand by connecting with employees through quarterly surveys. The council’s strong focus on social mobility, engaging with care leavers, refugees, and minority community groups, demonstrates their commitment to providing equal opportunities and removing barriers to progression.

In conclusion, West Northamptonshire Council’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and an authentic employer brand has positioned them as a leading finalist in the IHR Awards. Their story serves as an inspiration for other organisations seeking to create a workplace culture that reflects their values and resonates with employees from all walks of life.

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