South Gloucestershire Council

Our teams are making a real difference to the lives of people who live, work and learn here.

We’re friendly and flexible, passionate and proud, innovative but inclusive. We’re committed to learning and development for all and offer a range of flexible working options to ensure a good work life balance.

We serve a vibrant and diverse community. Naturally, it’s essential that our workforce reflects this.

We’re making a difference, be part of it!

Our diverse team of skilled and dedicated people, from all kinds of backgrounds make South Gloucestershire Council a great place to work. It takes a wide range of skills, experience and talent for us to thrive. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be part of an inclusive environment in which respect, collaboration and fairness are part of everyday working.

We have a number of groups that are part of a colleague network. The groups offer members a safe and confidential space to discuss issues affecting them and identify, develop and help improve our policies and procedures.

Our five dedicated network groups include:

Black and Minority Ethnic Staff Network (BME)
The BME Staff Network gets involved in a range of activities, seeking to address and positively impact upon a wide range of issues relating to Race Equality. We want to challenge and stop racial discrimination and inequalities across the council, for and on behalf of staff and members of the public. We support the council’s zero tolerance statement and will work hard to ensure that this is implemented.

Disabled Employees Group (DEG)
The Disabled Employees Group is a confidential group that provides the ideal place to meet other disabled employees, share experiences and benefit from valuable support whenever you need it. It gives you, as part of a consultative group, the chance to influence positive changes in attitude, policies and working environments, and to actively promote fair treatment for all. Any council employee who considers themselves to have a visible or non-visible disability is welcome.

Neurodiverse Peer Support Group
This group has been established as a subgroup of the Disability Equality Group for all those who are Neurodiverse. This is a safe place to discuss your own experiences, and find ways to become more organised, to improve our ways of working and prevent feelings of stress or overwhelm. We are hoping to make positive organisational changes.

LGBTQ+ Staff Network
The LGBTQ+ Staff Network get involved in a range of activities which seek to address and positively impact upon a wide range of issues relating to LGBTQ+ Equality and provide support to staff members when needed. During our meetings, we discuss agenda items which can be anything that we are currently planning – around Pride or History Month for example. Peer support is a non-structured time to share anything that is going on for us personally or at work that we want to chat to the group about.

Women’s Staff Network
The Women’s Staff Network gets involved in a range of activities, seeking to identify issues relating to equality for women and working to influence positive change to reduce gender inequalities. We also offer peer support and celebrate the achievements of female staff within the Council.

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