Meet the Team


Meet the Team

Born out of client demand and industry necessity in 2020 Diversity Jobs Group understood the importance of engaging with all talent from the beginning of the hiring journey so employers have a greater pool from which to recruit. Feedback from our current community and other underrepresented groups indicates a lack of comfort and confidence when applying for roles on generalist boards, so, why not create job boards they will feel more comfortable applying from.

Why? Because the hiring employers have and can display their strong diversity and inclusion strategy whilst also positively enforcing their Brand It's a Win: Win

Meet the Team


Joe Sweeney

Founder of our sister company Vacancy Poster in 2009. Joe has more than 26 years of recruitment industry experience. Joe has been involved in the development of software solutions for the Recruitment, Security and Insurance Industries. Joe has extensive Operations and Sales Management experience at board level.

Please note: this meeting link is for clients only, if you are a candidate, please use the job search tool or leave us a message.


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