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Our Commitment to Inclusion

“At Rolls-Royce SMR, we are committed to ensuring that our teams reflect the communities we serve and that everyone can be themselves at work. We know that diverse teams are more innovative and get better results, and that our people can thrive and be more successful in truly inclusive cultures. Join us and help shape our culture.”

– Greg Turner-Smart, Inclusion Manager

Our Inclusion Pledges

We’re very clear about our vision of a Rolls Royce SMR as an inclusive place for everyone.

Inclusive Leadership
Our leaders understand, appreciate and encourage an inclusive culture through confident role modelling of inclusive behaviours, and our business operates with inclusion at the heart of everything that we do.

Inclusive Hiring
Our recruitment activities encourage a diverse range of talent to seek a career with us, and we are proactive in ensuring that everyone has the same equality of opportunity.

Inclusive Experiences
Our values guide and inform our people, and we ensure that our company is a safe, inclusive and supportive place in which all of our employees belong and are treated as individuals.

Inclusive Careers
Our employees have learning opportunities that empower them to deliver our business inclusion goals, and we remove barriers to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to fulfil their career aspirations with us.

Inclusive Influence
Our inclusive values are mirrored throughout our supply chain as we lead on inclusion in our sector, and we use our platform to promote inclusion throughout the communities in which we operate.

Taking Action

It’s never too early to take steps towards inclusion, and that’s what we’re doing at Rolls-Royce SMR. Examples of our progress include:

  • Listening to our employees through our internal Let’s Talk sessions so that
    we can understand the needs and challenges of our people.

  • Promoting our opportunities in ways that attract a diverse range of applicants,
    such as through Equal Engineers Careers Events.

  • Embedding a culture of flexible and hybrid working to enable our people to
    work in ways that best help them achieve a work/life balance.

  • Ensuring our processes are fair and equitable to all, such as our parenting
    policies being applicable to every parent regardless of the makeup of their family.

  • Engaging with bodies such as Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear (IDN)
    and Women in Nuclear (WiN) so that we can benchmark ourselves
    against others in the nuclear industry.

  • Subscribing to organisations like Neurodiversity in Business, where we can
    learn more about inclusive practices that will benefit our people.

  • Employing dedicated resource so that we can accelerate our progress
    in becoming an even more inclusive place to work!

Our Business

We are Rolls-Royce SMR, clean energy pioneers with a radically different approach to delivering new nuclear power. We will use established nuclear technology and know-how to offer a low cost, deliverable, global and scalable and investable solution, that can be rolled out around the world. Our origins are deeply embedded in Rolls-Royce and their world class nuclear and manufacturing heritage.

Our Goal

Our goal to provide clean and affordable energy for all. For nuclear power to be widely adopted and meaningfully contribute to the global effort to decarbonise, it needs to be commercially investable and reliably delivered. We believe that our innovative modularised concept will achieve this by using reliable and proven technologies and techniques.

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